Retoucher Lucia Arin Pintos.

  • I discovered photography at a young age when my grandfather taught me how to use his Nikon EM. When I turned 15, he gifted me my first camera, a Nikon FE, with which I took a photography course and learned to develop my own photos. During my graphic design studies, I came across Photoshop, and I was fascinated by the endless possibilities to play with images. I confess that avoiding the hours in the darkroom seemed very tempting. I found it more entertaining to play with images in Photoshop than to take them myself, so I focused on post-processing photographs. It started as a game; learning to use Photoshop is a long journey. One day, I considered the possibility of working in retouching, and 11 years later, here I am still enjoying this beautiful task of retouching photos.
    In addition to retouching photos, I love rock climbing :-)